The High Tech District


Package delivery in China.  Throw it on the street, let your kid keep an eye on it.  They do the same at the apartment.


This monstrosity is our studio’s water heater for tea and such.  The whole thing leaks like a sieve into the pan and down a pvc  pipe whole in the floor.  It’s as hot as a corn baller, sits three feet tall without the table and is all around overkill.


The American Team


This post is a long time coming.  I finally got a picture of the whole team. From left to right, Bob, the producer, Joey, the Chinese director.  Robert, the writer and cheese connoisseur, Michael, the Art Director.  Kevin, Dave, Mike and Aaron, all storyboard artists, and myself.

Bride Beach


Strange Chinese bumper cars.  I thought this place was abandoned but its still in operation.


Abandoned beach bicycles. Or maybe not, they could still be used in the summer.


Bride Beach.  There are seven brides in this photo, all here for wedding photos.  The colorful buildings on the left are an assortment of faux houses, trees and props to have your photo taken with.


Sarafina getting her nails done in Shenzhen.  Seven layers of gels. She may never get them off.


Local Park

DSC00693_1000x667 DSC00694_1000x667 DSC00695_1000x667 DSC00698_1000x667

A stroll through the local park.  This is only about a 10 minute walk from my apartment.  It’s always full of people practicing dance, playing instruments, gambling and playing chinese chess.