Wudang Mountain


We started our trip from Shenzhen International Airport which is an extremely massive airport that is more or less one giant room shaped like an space aged airplane.  It’s close to a mile long, all indoors, all one room.


We flew to a small airport in central China where we took a bus into the heart of China.  We arrived late at night at Wudang village, an extremely mountainous part of China that has several temples and shrines built over 600 years ago for the emperor so that he could relax in the very center of China.  This mountain region is the home to the Taoists and Tai Chi.


On the left is the hotel where we stayed two nights.  We hiked out from here.


The first morning we started out on our hike to the top of the mountain.  Here are some of the temples we saw on the way that were built into the rocks.  We got to hike around and into this one on the second day.  We were told that the hike was pretty tough and that there were a lot of ups and downs but none of us were quite ready for the 7500 stairs.


stairs and stairs and stairs


and more stairs.


and stairs… until you need to take a break after every few steps to let your muscles stop screaming at you.


Luckily we had a bit of help.  It turns out that our boss had hired these guys to follow us up just in case, so we all took a ride just for the fun of it.  I felt pretty bad having these guys haul me up this set of steps.  It was also extremely scary, they’re shuffling up, one step at a time and the guy in front is hitting his heal on my foot rest.  I kept thinking he was going to trip even though I’m sure he’s done this a thousand times.  I couldn’t help imagining bouncing down the hill in this thing though.



There were many beautiful little bridges, houses, temples and food shops (eggs and veggies and snickers) on the way.


Getting closer to the top.


Finally at the top, there was a gorgeous temple and many shrines.






I get lots of kids wanting their photo with me.  Here I am at the topmost shrine.




And it was here that I left a symbol of my love.


A keyless lock with the initials SL+SMG



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