Shanghai in 4 hours


Between traveling to small towns we had a half day layover in Shanghai.  We took full advantage by taking a taxi downtown and spending a few hours at the Bund, the neighborhood on the Huangpu river that separates the old district and the new high tech strip.


The side of the river we were on has the older European banks and trade buildings.


We traveled to a beautiful old market district not far from the river.  This street shopping area has probably been rebuilt many times but it was beautiful nonetheless.


There is a famous tea house in the center that you walk a small bridge to get to.




Some lunch options.  Bird on a stick.


We settled on this cafeteria style food court.  Food is cheap here for the most part.  A bottle of tea or soda is around 50 cents.  An ice cream cone is less than a dollar.  Most lunches are only 4 or 5 dollars unless you start getting fancy stuff and even then it’s never much more than 10 even with a drink.


Shanghai is also home to The Great Wall of Chocolate!


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