Hong Kong Adventure


We’ve taken a few trips to Hong Kong but our last trip turned bad when one of our team members was stopped by customs agents on the way back into China and was held for questioning.  Most of us were already outside and we were trying to figure out what he was being held for.  Robert had come along to buy some Parmesan but only later realized that it was prohibited to bring cheese into China.  Could they really have cared so much about a few ounces of cheese?

Hong Kong is owned and controlled by China but it is practically a different country with its own currency and a less strict visa policy than mainland China.  It turns out that Robert had already used up the two entries on his two entry visa and China wouldn’t let him back into the country.  We had taken the last ferry back so the customs agents drove Robert back to the Hong Kong/ Kowloon border in a taxi where they dropped him off.  He’d have to get a new visa before they allowed him to re-enter.

After a long couple of nights and an expensive expedited visa, Robert finally made it back to us.  And for the Parmesan, Robert had slipped it to our office translator before anyone spotted it.  He’s a great cook and he made us a delicious Italian meal a few days later.  We savored every ounce of Parmesan, worth its weight in gold.


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