Ladies Market

This is the name of a popular street market in Kowloon that sells a little of everything.  I had been there before but I didn’t realize that all the shops were broken down each night.  As I ran around doing my errands I got some shots of them setting up throughout the day.

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I was in Kowloon for a couple days on a business trip.  I’ll post some photos soon, I’m still getting situated after getting back.  This was a part of my view out my hotel window.


Happy Thanksgiving

The apartment complex had a special dinner event for Thanksgiving.  It was really nice of them to put all this together for us expats.  There was a green salad, a Cobb salad with grilled vegetables, rolls, french fries, corn soup, spaghetti (chow mein) and a turkey.  The turkey was delicious, very moist with a great pepper gravy.


They even had dessert.  Pumpkin Pie and fruit.  Though the pumpkin pie was more like cantaloupe pie.  It was a lot of fun.  I hope everyone back home has a great Thanksgiving.